Siege 1


Late 80’s. 


It was after my morning coffee and before the morning tea break on a quiet Sunday morning.  You know, some one told me very early in the piece that nothing ever happened on Sundays. 


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Breath of Life Part 2

 After the part time death of the junkie at the doss house, I increased my efforts to find whoever was killing off these druggies.  My experience was that Rumanian dealers get a bit of a kick out of giving near pure heroin to druggies just for the hell of killing some of them off.  They found it amusing but practically no one else did.  So that’s what I thought we were up against.


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Millie and the mad woman


Early 80’s. I was with one of my favourite mates to work with, he was happy, knowledgeable, a bit reckless but really cared.  He eventually went mad from it but that’s another story.  Anyway we got called to the hospital to get briefed by a doctor wanting to bring in a psych patient who hadn’t been taking her medication.  He had all the forms signed, a syringe of drugs and the family on side.  It was going to be easy he said. Why did he bring the drugs and what does he want us for if it was going to be easy I thought to myself.  My mate was driving (no one ever  liked me driving, ever  throughout my whole career) and the Doc was in the front.  We parked near the patient’s house and were around the back.  Force of habit.  I saw there were 8 or ten stairs from the level of the backyard to the kitchen and there was no handrail on the stairs.  It was a council house not particularly untidy, not overly neat.


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1996. A man lost his 21 year old daughter, (I don’t wish to say who the man was but he was a person, someone alive and loving, someone who cared and loved, cried, tried and would have died for his daughter, the girl in this story.  A fellow policeman).  The girl had been run over at a intersection, at a shopping centre, hit by a car and thrown to the road.  It wasn’t the drivers fault but that fact didn’t really help anyone.  It was just after lunchtime , the sky had been lightly overcast and it was cool with a bit of a breeze from the south.  A mild winter weekend.


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Peer support


Mid 90’s. I had to tell a family that their husband and father had died on the way to work one morning and he was at fault.  He’d looked away from the road while getting an apple from his lunchbox and driven under a truck, effectively but not neatly decapitating himself. 


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Mothers Day

The call came over “Serious domestic possible weapon involved.” I was on my own and just around the corner. “Further calls. Witness at scene now, woman stabbed offender still on premises ambulance called” said radio. Shit. Rules and instructions etc blah blah blah say you don’t go to things like that on your own. I called on to it “one out” ie on my own. “Closest back up 5 minutes away.” “Bullshit” I thought “there isn’t anywhere in the patrol that far away.” The address was residential, a commission area, houso estate, project whatever you want to call it.


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Benny the Ball

I was attached to the DEA; targetting Lebanese and Romanian middle level drug dealers.  Mind you I wasn’t on my own, and if we came across something juicier or not quite Lebanese or Romanian, we wouldn’t hesitate to to investigate that either.  It was a real pain to pass something good over to one of the other Task Forces.  But they had their referrences as did we, and we had to stick pretty much within our area of expertise.


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Travel Quest One


We left New York City on the Amtrak.  We made our way to Boston.  About 2/3rds of the way there we realised we were running behind time by half an hour and so approached the conductor.  He said he’d see what he could do and, unbelievably for us, the train accelerated to 155 Miles an hour which was 250 kilometres an hour to us and we ended up being only 10 minutes late.  Neat service.


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I don’t know what date it is nor what day it is.  This is just an interim email from a ship in the middle of the pacific, just in case we don’t make it. 

We have just left Sitka heading for Katchacan, Alaska.  The announcement from the Captain about the weather was a bit ominous.  He explained how the ship was supposed to creak and groan in a bad weather and how the ‘enormous energies of the storm’ are diverted by the ship. ???  WTF, what am I in for?

It works out I am in for 130 kilometre per hour winds coming in off the North Pacific.  It works out I am in for 10 METRE seas coming from the same place.  T.E.N .. METRE SEAS.  My cabin (okay … StateRoom) is only 20 meters from sea level.  Hang on … 130 kilometres an hour winds, and we are travelling directly into the wind at 22.5 knots, which is 45 kilometres a hours or thereabouts which makes it .. let me see .. er .. twelve  ..  and carry the one … A HUNDRED AND SEVENTY FIVE FRICKEN KILOMETER AN HOUR WINDS  … 

To while away the hours before we died, we went and listened to the string quartet near the piano lounge.   They asked for requests, but nothing from Titanic “it’s like yelling ‘BOMB’ in the airport lounge” they told me.  So I discovered I liked Canadian Rye.

Comfortably numb, I faced the brutal easterly smashing into the fragile hull of the USS Enterprise Westerdam with fortitude and decorum. 


I await our fate.

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Rocks ‘n Trees ‘n Trees ‘n Rock

We arrived in the beautiful city of Vancouver in one piece, actually two pieces but one piece individually. You get what I mean ‘eh? We were met by our youngest son who has moved over to Canadia in search of the answer to the question of the meaning of life. We were both very happy to see him.


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